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Poor hand hygiene results in the spread of micro-organisms (germs), including those that are resistant to antibiotics. 

This can put service users at risk of potentially fatal infections that can result in sepsis.

Approximately 1 in 10 patients develop a healthcare-associated infection every year (World Health Organisation).

Healthcare-associated infections can lead to hospital admission, delayed recovery, prolonged hospital stay, increased mortality, as well as costing the NHS billions of pounds every year.

One-third of healthcare-associated infections are estimated to be easily preventable.

Failure of healthcare workers to perform adequate hand hygiene is considered the leading cause of healthcare-associated infection. 

It is estimated that healthcare workers wash their hands less than half the amount of times they should.

Hand hygiene is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection.

Calling all healthcare workers…

Clean your hands to prevent sepsis in healthcare!

The main reasons for wearing gloves are: 

  • To protect hands from contamination with blood, body fluids and micro-organisms  To reduce the risk of micro-organisms spreading to both service users and staff
  • Gloves should only be worn when necessary as prolonged use may cause skin sensitivity.
  • Disposable gloves should be worn as single-use items.  They should be put on before an episode of contact with a service user and removed as soon as the activity is completed.
  • Gloves should always be removed before removal of an apron.


Good hand hygiene practice

  • Hands should be washed or alcohol hand rub applied immediately before putting on and after removing gloves.
  • Do not wash or apply alcohol hand rub to gloves, alcohol hand rub may affect the integrity of the gloves.
  • Gloves should not be kept in staff uniform/ workwear pockets as they can easily become contaminated.

Clean hands can save lives

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