Putting Yourself First

If you are a carer for a loved one or are about to become one, it is crucial that you also look after yourself and take regular breaks. All too often Carers put the health of the person they are caring for first, allowing their own health to suffer. Make sure that your GP knows that you are a Carer so they can support and monitor your health.

Take time for yourself doing what you enjoy, whether meeting with friends, doing a class or simply going for a walk, your needs are just as important.

Help and Support for Carers

Local support groups can help you gain professional advice, friendship and support whilst building your confidence.

To find your local group visit: https://www.carersbucks.org/services/support-groups/ www.carers.org www.carersuk.org

Discuss Care in Advance

Speak to your loved ones as soon as possible to make sure they are happy with arrangements. They may prefer to have Support Workers involved in their day to day care, relieving you of all the responsibility and giving you time for yourself.

Get the Right Help

Everyone needs a helping hand, even you! The best place to start is with your Local Authority who will assess the needs of your loved one and, if required, put a package in place. You will find details on your local Council website. Other family members and friends may want to help too, remember the old saying Many hands make light work and take time for yourself.

Financial Support

The advice of financial support, including Carers Allowance, can be found at www.gov.uk

Laughter and Tears

Caring for a loved one can be both stressful and rewarding. The day to daycare can lead to exhaustion, poor health and affect your relationships. Equally, it can be satisfying to know that you
are contributing to your loved ones care and feel that you are giving something back. Remember the good times spent with your loved ones, maybe try to recreate some new memories like a picnic in the living room, looking through old photographs, playing a board game, the list could be endless but the time spent will be priceless.

Speak to the Experts

All Carers need assistance, Chilworth Care can help provide this with our tailored support from regular visits to respite care for your loved ones. Contact us to discuss your needs

Top Tips For Carers

Remember to take care of yourself too as well as your loved ones. Make sure you keep in touch regularly with your GP so they can help support and monitor your health.

Our Advice
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Make sure you have support
  • Consult your GP regularly
  • Get the right help
  • Seek professional advice
  • Get some financial support

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