Home Care services

Home care services are generally the most effective form of care you can receive and possibly the most practical to you and your Family.

The minimum call duration is 30 minutes, which can be increased to 45 minutes, 1 hour or more if required.

Always check that the provider is insured and that they complete a pre-assessment of your care needs. Useful things to look out for are their CQC ratings, how many clients they currently have in
your area, their staff turnover rate, listen to how they intend to review and manage your care needs on a month by month basis, be careful not to allow them to offer you 15 minute call durations as in my professional opinion these are not worth the money and are known in the industry as checking the dead call durations. After all, what can actually be achieved in 15 minutes?

For more useful information or tips or to start your care provision see www.chilworthcare.co.uk/services

Live in Carers or Personal Assistants (PA’s)

This type of care involves an individual living full time in your home and cooking, eating, caring, supporting your care needs.

This service can cost anything from £600 per week to £2,000 per week and there was a recent law change that meant these persons must have regular breaks and holidays offered and you must
organise cover by another agency person to support you.

Always check that this person is insured as many are not and check this persons training in care and certificates for using equipment like hoists etc…There are numerous pitfalls with this type of care and it attracts caring people who are not legal to work or want to receive cash wages and not pay tax. Agencies are very active in this arena of care and will charge a fee for finding a PA but this gives you no cover or come back should a problem arise.

Residential Care Homes

Residential care homes are more and more corporate in their design and build now. They are typically 30 to 130 beds and can charge anything from £900 per week to £5,000 per week.

You will get your own room which should be a minimum of 12 sqm and usually has an en-suite bathroom or WC or shower. Fees include your care, board and lodgings but some homes charge for
your paper in the morning and your lunch or glass wine etc…

Be sure to see their CQC rating, talk to the manager and find out how long they have managed the home and how often the doctor visits and how medications need are managed. Talk with another
resident and / Family if possible and spend time there in respite before committing to living there full time.

These types of care home can suit an individual very well as there is often social interaction on your
doorstep and always things of interest going on within the home.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are essentially hospitals for long stay residents. They range from £2,000 per week to £10,000 per week. I will not comment in detail about these types of units as to be honest I have limited knowledge of these types of homes.

I would say once again follow the good advice I put in Residential care homes.

Elderly apartments or 55 + apartments. There are some specialist developers who design and build these types of apartments and they can be ideal places to live once you are past 55 years old.

There are however some pitfalls and some are; be aware of high and increasing maintenance charges per month, be aware of how much you pay for an apartment as they are normally over the market rate, be clear what happens if you die or have to move out, how long is your lease? Are you tied into a home care provider if you need care and are their charge rates reasonable?

How much does care cost and where should I go?

Should you need support then it is important to choose the right care for you

  • Support for you and your family
  • Retain Independance
  • Easier Lifestyle
  • Care that meets your needs
  • Guidance and support
  • Cheaper living

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