Knowing when you need home care?

As an individual who may need to receive support, it is important that this occurs earlier rather than later. If you own your own home, you must have used professionals to help you buy it? If you need to get your computer fixed you would normally use a professional to help. If your garden needs landscaping or trees cutting you use professionals.

Those who may need or do need support should view care in the same ways as the above examples. Appoint a professional at the earliest opportunity.

My experience in care over the years has shown me that most people do nothing about their care until it’s an emergency and then they know nothing about how to go about finding a professional care provider. This lack of preparation causes anxiety and stress and delay to a situation that should be easy.

Get used to carers and get used to talking with your local care provider. In the same way that you may have a cleaner popping in once a week for an hour to help around the house, do this with a professional Carer. Find a local care company who supply a carer to you once a week and who will review your care needs free of charge every month or two. And do this while you are healthy and have minimal care needs.

The benefit to you and your health by doing this will be tremendous. Firstly, if you fall or have an accident or your health takes a turn for the worse when you know that one call away is the help you need. Care providers are exceptional at fast reaction times when clients need extra care, support or help. The professional and insured care provider will visit you in hospital (should this be where you end up after an accident) This will speed your exit from hospital and shorten your recovery time.

Most people, including my elderly parents, believe it is a waste of money and/or they don’t want to inconvenience a carer or waste a carers time if they are not unwell. The exact opposite is true.

If you receive one 30-minute call per week this will cost you around £17.00. Most care companies will help with some light cleaning or meal preparation if you do not have specific care needs.

In the event of your accident or fall then you or a loved one calls the care provider who can leap into action by visiting you and reassessing your care needs and then immediately supplying trained care professionals to you up to 4 or 5 times per day until you are better and you can reduce the care provision down again to one or two hours or 30 minutes as you require.

I urge you to consider taking action now and make sure you are in the know about how and who to call if you should have an accident at home. Remember the alternative is that you suffer a prolonged hospital stay because you are not sure who should care for you at home and worst still you are moved into residential care which costs thousands and thousands of pounds per week and you end up losing your house to pay their fees.

What are the benefits of assisted care?

Think of care support in the same way as you do when someone helps you purchase a car or mow the garden.

  • Easier lifestyle
  • Remain Independent with less stress
  • Relieve yourself of menial tasks
  • Enjoy more free time

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