Chilworth Care is a well known, compassionate, and trusted homecare provider who have been supporting clients at home since 2010. Proud of being daily care person-centred support, we offer peace with staff that are trained in many areas.

What does a typical day ‘with a Chilworth Care Support Worker’ look like? Well, actually, there is no typical day as such! At Chilworth Care, we offer a wide variety of support packages from personal care to bespoke support.

It’s one of the best things about this job – every day is different! But here is a flavour of the type of day a fully-trained Chilworth Care Carer would expect.


Care Assistants often start very early, as the first client may need assistance getting out of bed, and there is potentially a lot of things to get ready before this can happen. The client may have arthritis or another condition that makes getting up very difficult for them. Bathing and getting dressed are other common morning activities for our care workers to support with, and providing these rewarding services helps start the day the right way.

Prepare Breakfast

If requested, the care worker will next look to start the breakfast routine. Whether it is a bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (or other preferred breakfast). Chilworth Care workers are happy to help! This is oftentimes a good opportunity for a good old natter to catch up on any news. Our service places great importance on companionship and many of our clients appreciate and, even rely on, this chance to have a chat with someone. Some may have no family members or friends nearby and so this time can be incredibly valuable to them.


Lunchtime is another point in the day in which Chilworth Care workers play an essential role in the day. Like breakfast, some clients may need support to prepare a healthy and nourishing meal for themselves but is, of course, crucial in maintaining a healthy diet. In addition to food preparation for the client, Chilworth Care workers will keep a shopping list and go to the shops to make sure that the cupboards are stocked with everything they need.

Afternoon Activities

During the afternoon, a care worker may support a client in the community. This could simply be going for a short walk in the local area or taking laundry to a laundrette. Or it could be anything that increases their feeling of independence and confidence. Chilworth care workers promote good physical and mental health and work with their clients to make this task stimulating and appropriate.

Last Call of the Day

The last check of the day might require our carers to prepare dinner and make sure that the client is up-to-date with their medications. This will also involve support with personal care, and that they have been to the toilet. When the client is comfortable and settled for the night, the care worker will go home for the evening.

The job is rewarding and the feeling of doing a good job for someone that can’t always look after themselves is the reason a lot of care workers do what they do. It is rewarding, but it can be extremely challenging. Therefore, at Chilworth Care, we understand it is important to make sure that our staff relax and unwind ahead of the next day so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

At Chilworth Care, our services provide the opportunity for a fulfilling and independent life to all our clients. It is important to help people who choose to live in their own home. We offer companionship and support. All our care plans are unique to the individual and can be adapted to each person we support. If you would like more information on any of our services, get in touch and we would be happy to talk you through the options.

Chilworth Care: ‘A little Difference makes all the Difference’

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